Friday, November 16, 2012

Texas Liberals

I gave up California, the once love of my life- because it was too liberal. I admit it, I like to earn money. I like to keep the money I earn.

I said "San Diego, Laguana Beach, Seal Beach, LA and Santa Barbra- liberals, they're yours"

And I moved to Texas.

What I do not understand is why there are liberals in Texas- when they could be surrounded by 'their own' in much more fabulous places- like San Diego, like New York City- why hotter than hell Texas?

You know why there are liberals in Texas? Because there are jobs in Texas. There is money in Texas. There is a lower cost of living in Texas.  And why oh why are there jobs, and money and a low cost of living? Because of conservative principles.

Liberals in Texas maintain a level of disdain for the very conservative principles and people that are the driving force behind their lively hood.  At least California liberals are forced to pay the taxes and deal with the jobless numbers that accompany their philosophies.

This article puts it perfectly:  Texas vs. California

So Texas is Germany to California's Greece through the redistribution of federal tax dollars. Fine. Just don't move to Texas bringing your failed economy policies with you.