Thursday, December 13, 2012

I'm No Feminist

I work and have always worked in male dominated industries.
My husband does 90% of the cooking and 40% of the cleaning.
I paid for my own education.
I majored in a male dominated field.
I've always made the choices I felt were right for me and my family- regardless of social norms.
I am NO feminist.

I thought I was, but I was mistaken.  I thought feminism was about empowering women to do what they want, to be who they want to be- but the world you and I live in does not define feminism as such.

Feminism means you want your neighbors to pay for your birth control and abortions.
Women's rights means taxing your neighbors to pay for your birth control and abortions.

Can you be a feminist and a housewife? Only if you support abortion. (and even then 1/2 of the other feminists don't want you)

I thought being a feminist meant you didn't need the help of a man, nor the government to achieve what you wanted to achieve in this life- that you could indeed do it on your own. Sadly, that's not what feminism is either.

Not sure what I am, but over the past 4 years I've certainly learned what I'm not- and that's a feminist.


Silvs said...

So no pants on Sunday?

The UnMighty said...

I like your definition of Feminism better.

Robin said...

Write a book and make up a name for this. Something catchy.

Salt H2O said...

@Silvs- I'm the kind of person that will wear pants to church when I want to wear pants to church- don't need to be part of any sort of movement to exercise my opinion.

@TheUnMighty thanks- not quite sure what to call it though- womanism?

@Robin Sadly I'm too ADD to write a book. Tried once before- had great material and failed to execute.

Alice said...

If I went by your definition, I wouldn't be a feminist either. However,

Feminism has nothing to do with who pays for what, or your personal views on abortion. Feminism is about supporting both men and women to make the choices that work best for themselves and their families and not limiting those choices because of gender.

Alice said...

All that other stuff is political. Feminism can be political, but isn't necessarily so.

Joy Buhler said...

Wait, what? The term feminist was hijacked about 20 years ago, and has been to mean something some right-wingers think it is.

Joy Buhler said...

Uh yeah, stop defining feminism. I am a feminist and it doesn't have anything to do with those definitions it is. Its simply what Alice stated. That is feminism.