Saturday, April 27, 2013

Why I Want My Kids To Go to a Terrible High School

I was told yesterday that they're considering redistricting our neighborhood so my kids would end up going to a much better high school A much more competitive high school.  A High School parents specifically move to this community for.  My response "Aw hell"

Scenario:  A university has 2 applicants from 2 different High Schools.  They are absolutely identical in extra circular   SAT's and essays are both exceptional.  However one has a 3.98 GPA and the other a 3.75, which one is going to get accepted?

Same scenario- except this time they have the same GPA, however one was ranked in the top 2% of their class and the other in the top 10%- which one is going to get accepted?

In answering either scenario did you think:  Well what high school did they go to? 

Didn't think so.  Universities don't care what High School you went to- just what your grades were. If you go to a competitive High School it's harder to get those high scores.  If you go to a mediocre high school- much easier.   

It seems to me we should want our kids to go to the best elementary school and Jr high but once they hit high school age- get an apartment on the wrong side of town, your kids will be grateful you did- especially if you are planning on buying a beach house instead of paying for your kid's tuition.