Saturday, April 27, 2013

Why I Want My Kids To Go to a Terrible High School

I was told yesterday that they're considering redistricting our neighborhood so my kids would end up going to a much better high school A much more competitive high school.  A High School parents specifically move to this community for.  My response "Aw hell"

Scenario:  A university has 2 applicants from 2 different High Schools.  They are absolutely identical in extra circular   SAT's and essays are both exceptional.  However one has a 3.98 GPA and the other a 3.75, which one is going to get accepted?

Same scenario- except this time they have the same GPA, however one was ranked in the top 2% of their class and the other in the top 10%- which one is going to get accepted?

In answering either scenario did you think:  Well what high school did they go to? 

Didn't think so.  Universities don't care what High School you went to- just what your grades were. If you go to a competitive High School it's harder to get those high scores.  If you go to a mediocre high school- much easier.   

It seems to me we should want our kids to go to the best elementary school and Jr high but once they hit high school age- get an apartment on the wrong side of town, your kids will be grateful you did- especially if you are planning on buying a beach house instead of paying for your kid's tuition.


Daniel B. said... basically don't care how well your kids do in real terms, just how they do in relative terms? As long as they get into the right school, it doesn't matter? (and ps: the "prove you're not a robot" is irritating as all get out)

Salt H2O said...

The real question is: do I want my kids to do their best in a highly competitive environment and have to pay for the their own schooling or worse- not get to go to school or have my kids do their best in a non-competitive environment and get college paid for them?

Robin P said...

You'd rather send your kid to a lower grade school to be prepared even less for the highly competitive college you're expecting them to get into?

Salt H2O said...

Nope- I want my kid to go to a lower grade school to get the college that they're going to get into paid for them.

I don't think highschool remotely prepares a kid for college- parents do.

Alice said...

I think it's a good plan as long as the high school you're sending them to isn't so terrible that their education will suffer. Parents ca do a lot to hep prepare kids, but I wouldn't totally write off the quality of the school they attend. Not to mention that packing them across town away from friends for high school could cause some behavior issues or new friend issues that may cause problems with their gpa as well. :)

Melissa said...

This is really interesting. Michael is attending a high school that is incredible. The average ACT score is 26. AVERAGE!!! It will be interesting to see how it all turns out for him. I think that he is being incredibly well prepared for college by school not by us. (We would be preparing him if we needed to, and we are in all the other ways that matter...) This district is intense starting from Kindergarten!