Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Trading Up

My 4 year old daughter who had been an absolute delight for the majority of our stay in California, decided that the day we went to Disneyland was the day she was going to be the very worst version of herself- go figure.  We had the typical Disneyland meltdowns over things of zero significance.  There with my sister and her fiance- they both said "and this is why we're using as much birth control as possible."  As I watched them at Disneyland I remembered when Brent and I didn't have kids, and how easy it was.  A part of me, a very small part of me missed that time- but then I looked at this guy: 

and I realized I traded up. 

I see pictures of family members and friends wakeboarding on facebook.  I use to spend my summers wakeboarding - I miss it dearly, and at times I find myself in the middle of a small pity party because it's been so long. I may not get to wakeboard- but I get to go swimming with the cutest 4 year old and 5 month old in the world- I traded up. 

I use to live on the beach- waking up at 5 am to run with sound of the waves to pace myself- now I live in Texas so that we can support our family and run on a treadmill to the sound of the baby monitor in case my little one wakes.  Yep, I traded up. 

The same goes for snowboarding,  going out at night, and fun vacations.  

I miss traveling dearly and when trying to plan a vacation- it's challenging to find something that suits the ages of all those in my family.  I know that someday we will be able to go on adventurous international  vacations again- and when that day comes I'll also be missing the little girl that wanted snuggles from her mommy at night, and all she wanted to do is to be just like her mom.  I'm going to be missing that little boy who's face breaks out in the biggest smile ever when he sees his mom.  That's what I traded snowboarding and travel in for- and I traded up. 

And last night as I watched the Bachelorette (hate that show, will explain in another post why I watch it) I looked at these people trying desperately to find what I have.  They live in a mansion, they go on insane vacations, they have great bodies- but what they really want is to be lying in bed with their spouse in a semi-clean house and hearing their 5 month old baby giggling to himself at 3 am.   I am living the dream. 

Oh yes, my life right now is lacking the adventure and spontaneity I became accustomed to before I had kids- but there is no doubt about it. I traded up. 


Robin said...

Perfect. All of this is true. I am now enjoying a lifestyle that pretty much lets me do what I want and go have the adventures I want. But i sure do miss my sweet little kiddos - all grown up now. You have a great perspective on this Kory. Love you.

Daniel B. said...

Awesome. Completely awesome. May you live a long, happy life surrounded by your up-trades.

Jess said...

Great post. It's easy to forget sometimes that we traded up when the kids are whiny and the house is a mess. We have to remember not to compare our worst days with others' best ones. When we compare the best to the best, it's definitely a trade up.

Silvs said...

Very sweet. I never knew when I was on the other side what kind of real joy there is in having kids. There's just nothing better. You're right.

Joy Buhler said...

Be blessed with what you have.

Sally said...

Amen, sister. It is worth it.

Melissa said...

Well said Kory! Love your perspective.