Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Get The Government Out Of Marriage

Why is it when a priest, bishop, whomever preforms a religious ceremony it has legal ramifications?
How is it a member of the clergy has legal power to bind two people together in the eyes of the state?

Isn't that kind of messed up?
It's like if you get baptized and got your drivers licence. 

Government should not recognize marriage, any marriage. 

Now if 2 or 3 or 8 people want to come together and create a union of sorts which spells out death benefits, insurance benefits so on and so forth- it's a legal contract created by lawyers or government officials.  

If religious leaders want their members to obtain such a document between two consenting adults before they perform the religious ceremony of a marriage- then so be it.

I wrote this post when Prop 8 was first being debated,A Rose By Any Other Name and while I stand by my logic in the post, my opinion has 'evolved' or since I'm a conservative 'flip flopped'.   Government has no business being in marriage.