Friday, November 1, 2013

Keeping the Sabbath Day Holy

It's one of those 10 commandments that almost everyone believes in but we the majority of society also ignores (see using the name of God in vain).  It's also subject to personal revelation what is keeping the Sabbath day holy to one- staying at home with family and playing board games- is a direct violation of the Lords commandments to another because you took 5 too many steps.

As a Mormon there are varying degrees of keeping the Sabbath- we generally do not do anything that forces others to work- unless of course a child is sick or you're missing an egg for the brownie mix you've already mixed up.  The Sabbath day is a big ol' bunch of gray which consists of 'it's between you and the Lord' ie- flying on Sunday- I know LDS prophets and apostles fly on Sunday- is it ok because they're prophets and about the Lords work or is it ok because it's not a constant practice and thus keeping the spirit of the law? It doesn't really matter- I don't judge.

Then there's the vacation clause  and 'one and done'.  I'll admit as a very religious Seminary graduate and BYU student it never crossed my mind in the month I was backpacking Europe to find a meeting house- we spent Sundays in Cathedrals, and even at Dachau- the German Concentration Camp Museum.  Did we break the Sabbath?  According to a lot of LDS people we did- but thank heaven they're not the ones to stand in judgement of me at the last day.  Between me and my Lord- we're good.

One and done is popular when visiting friends and family- and given that there is no where where Jesus stated "worship for 3 hours solid while sitting in a hardback chair while trying to wrangle a 10 month old from eating the shoelaces of a fellow Christian" I'm cool.

When single keeping the Sabbath day holy was also combined with trying to find a mate. Church being a combination of religion and social posturing was a challenge- and rarely would I have called it 'spiritual'- which as many would be quick to point out, was probably my fault.  Then a friend asked me if I wanted to run a marathon on Sunday. My first marathon- in Las Vegas none the less, on Sunday.  Considering that the alternative to running 26.2 miles was sleeping till 10, going for a walk on the beach and then 3 hours of this dance of religion, fashion and poor flirting- I said yes.

That 26.2 mile Sunday was one of the most religious experiences I've had.  It was a life lesson which many marathoners are quickly to discuss- but did I feel like I was being judged by God for running on Sunday? No.

Fast forward 6 years and I'm at mile 3 of the Walt Disney World Marathon, on a Sunday again. I notice my iPhone is missing from my arm band. My iPhone- my connection to work and the world. I literally spent 23.2 miles of running combined with prayer- oh yes, I prayed while running for 4 hours- and the prayer went like this "Dear Lord, I promise if you help me find my cell phone I will never run on a Sunday again"...and my cell phone was found, returned and in very usable condition.

Which brings me to why I'm writing this post-WHY THE HELL ARE ALL MARATHONS ON SUNDAY!?!?! Man that really really stinks. Really stinks.


Robin said...

oh man. You are in so much trouble. Not only did you break the sabbath you did a sware on your blog! come do the "one and done" here with me.

Jess said...

Haha! I do "one and done" when on vacation with toddler too. No need to walk the halls for 3 hours in someone else's building.

I once lost my phone at Disney's Hollywood Studios--I went back 4 hours later and it was sitting in the lost and found waiting for me. I love the happiest place on earth.

Also, there's a Saturday marathon in The Woodlands, TX in March!

Salt H2O said...

Good to know~ thanks Jess! And Robin- I live by 'if it's in the Bible I can say it!'

Daniel B. said...

FTW. A great read, as always, but I especially enjoyed this one. Thanks, Salt H2O.

Alice said...

Like threatening your children with unfortunate consequences, on must be careful of desperate deals made with God. Following through can be rough.

Utah usually has races on saturdays, so it hasn't been an issue for me.