Thursday, June 26, 2014

If I change one thing about the LDS church..

Since it's hyper popular right now to talk about changing the LDS church- I feel  the urgency to weigh in on an incredibly important element being left out of the conversation.  Affecting every member weekly, it's insensitive to families with young children, over worked leaders and teachers, and detracts from the family. If we were to change this one element of the LDS church- we could redirect millions of dollars, no exaggeration- millions of dollars to humanitarian aid and increase church attendance and participation dramatically.   Further more there is absolutely NO SCRIPTURAL SUPPORT for this insensitive practice.

Every General Conference I hope and I tweet that this is the conference we will set things right.  I watch the twitter feed during Priesthood session praying that there they will make this life changing announcement.

The 3 hour block.  When the LDS church changes to the 2.5 hour block (for I know someday they will switch to the 2.5 hour block- because I know the 2.5 hour block is true) it will permit the standard LDS meeting hall to accommodate 4 congregations instead of the traditional 3.  In case of exponential unplanned growth in an area it could even accommodate 5 congregations.

Increase the number of congregations in a building = decrease the number of buildings needed and utility bills on those buildings = more money for humanitarian aid.  It is fairly clear that the church cares more about those extra 15 minutes of class than feeding the poor and clothing the naked. 

Decrease each meeting by 10 minutes- give a 5 minute transition period and you'll get:

1- More visitors- easier to stomach 2.5 hours than 3
2- Happier parents of young children- In what world is getting a 18 month old to sit still and be quiet and listen to someone just talk for 60 minutes reasonable?
3- Less talks off topic- your talking time is condensed so you get to the point
4- Happier Primary Leaders and Primary Kids-  the last 10 minutes is again the hardest.
5- Less Off Topic Comments in Class- "That's a great question/ comment and I'd love to discuss that further but due to time we're going to need to focus on the topic at hand"
6- More time with your family on Sundays for church leaders- would an extra half an hour make a difference in a bishop, executive secretary, or primary president's life each Sunday?  You bet.

Because I believe so strongly in the 2.5 hour block I'm going to orchestrate a 2.5 hour block walk out. On the 1st Sunday of every month (because it's fast Sunday and dude, we're hungry)  Once your ward hits the 2.5 hour mark everyone walk out of church.

I'm also going to start a group called 150 NOW!  We'll be at General Conference with posters. We will get our message to Salt Lake City! We will be heard!  Down with the tyranny and selfishness of the 3 hour block!!!!!


Daniel B. said...

Words cannot express...

Kathy Welch said...

You make me laugh

Tr Hansen said...

After all the CRAP (Constant Ripe Agonizing Petitions)from the OW (Out Wenches) I NEEDED THAT!!!!

Ye Olde Wielder O' Projects said...

Where's the facebook petition? Also, be sure to throw in some references to those recent essays the Church has done and work in it there somewhere ... something along the lines of "the church must not be true so let's decide this by popular vote".