Friday, June 10, 2016

Summertime Mom

I want to be a summertime mom
I want to spend my days at the beach with the kiddos
Have a season pass to a local water park
Zoo Days, Museum Days, Picnics on the Grass
Cooking classes, soccer classes, half day camps
Hours at the pool
Reading chapter books out loud
Exploring the area on long road trips

Visiting Grandma
Going to the mountains
I want to be a summertime mom

I'm not a summertime mom
I drop my daughter off at day camp
I send my son to preschool
I sit in front of a computer
I miss my kids all day long

I am lucky to have a job
I am lucky to have a REALLY good job
I am lucky to have a job I like
I am blessed
I know I am blessed
But I still want to be a summertime mom

Wednesday, January 6, 2016

How to Kill IT at Your High School Reunion

I was not popular in high school.  I was not unpopular.  I was not attractive, I was slightly overweight, was not athletic, I was fairly bright, but no real intellectual, I was involved in a few clubs and had maybe 3 close friends, but wasn’t really bullied. I ate lunch by myself every day in the 7th grade.

I left my 10 year reunion thinking “man, that was incredibly awkward and boring” you end up running into people that you have no history with and trying to have a conversation with them.  I didn’t want to go to my 20 year reunion however, there were a number of people I did want to see- so I went to the reunion with a plan- and it worked:  I walked away knowing I had more fun than anyone else there- I killed it. Here’s how:

3 Questions
You don’t care what that guy from Algebra does for a living- so why ask? What you want is an interesting conversation with an old acquaintance that may last 8 minutes.  Ask a mundane question, you get mundane answers.  I had 3 questions I asked everyone:

1- What is the best thing you’ve had to eat in the past 20 years?
I heard fabulous stories of food adventures around the globe- I saw pictures of food I had never heard of- people asked me if they could think about it- and then found me later to tell me their stories.  The best part: my best food story is very pedestrian so I did zero talking.

2- Have you ever been on a reality tv show?
In a graduating class of 500 who graduated right before shows like ‘Elimindate and Singled Out” aired I knew there had to be some reality tv stars.  I found out that Hustler had a reality show that never got aired – after I heard that story I referred to that classmate as “Hustler” for the rest of the night.  I learned that there was actually a reality show producer in my graduating class.  Better yet, I had never been on a reality tv show so I was a great listener

3- Have you ever been in jail?
That was the surprise hit question.  My friend’s husband had this amazing story about being thrown in a Slovakian prison.  I found out that the family who first took me toilet papering was in the mob.   I have never been in jail so it gave me a great opportunity again to listen.

When listening to someone tell you an incredibly interesting story- it’s easy to be a great conversationalist- I just had to be quiet and ask interesting questions.   

Two last pieces of advice on killing it:  If there was someone who wronged you- forgive them.  You’d hate to be judged on how you acted when you were 16 when you’re 38.   If you can’t forgive them, avoid them.  2- The real key to being happy at the reunion- don’t try to impress anyone- we wouldn’t worry what people thought of us if we knew how seldom they did.

So if you’re on the fence about going to your reunion- go, and  kill it.

That's Me with my friend Jason-  who also Killed It at the reunion- because he takes himself very seriously.